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SNetworks Classifieds v6 with Bootstrap - Change Log

Checkout the list of new features that we've released with the SNetworks Classifieds v6.1.0. For the first time we've completely tuned the script with all the demanding requests we've received from our customers. We've listened to you and here's the list:

Version: 6.0.0
  • Added a brand new bootstrap/responsive theme
  • Complete theme support; create your own themes now without affecting the codes.
  • Structured directories according to the need for a coder and designer
  • Allow drop-down menu to present a theme switcher to users optionally.
  • New language added "Hungarian" language file
  • Installation wizard improved, removed unnecessary error messages.
  • Various minor fixes
Version: 6.1.0
  • Logo dimension fixed for small device displays
  • 404 Error pages fixed with new theme design
  • Return to Homepage links fixed
  • Delete Ad button in edit ad form has been fixed
Version: 6.1.5
  • Compatibility issue fixed for PHP 5.2
  • Incorrect post counts has been fixed
  • Search button not working in mobile devices is fixed
  • Cleaned all MySQL <-> MySQLi deprecated error messages
Version: 6.2.0
  • Custom currency symbols like USD is fixed where showing up as HTML
  • HTML entities such as "&" in ad titles has been fixed.
  • Picture failed to upload has been fixed
  • Enable/Disable option of categories and regions has been fixed
  • All SQL codes updated and ready for the MySQLi extension switchover
  • After install, homepage error fixed.

Friday, 03 November 2017

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SNetworks Classifieds v5.8 - Change Log

Following are the list of changes that is now available with v5.8.0 after our last stable release of v5.7.6:

Version 5.8.0
- PHP version 5.6 Compatibility
- Various error fixes to run smoothly on newer version of PHP
- Subcategories ad count has been turned off by default now
- Added label attribute for checkboxes
- Terms of use page link has been fixed site-wide
- Added a new contact page
- Setup Wizard error fix
- Fix setup page redirection from main index
- Support links updated

Version 5.7.9
- Mobile site adaptive display now supported
- Garbled search field fix
- Fix: Set a reply-to address for "Email this ad".
- Language selector to let users choose a language.
- Support for the MySQLi extension on servers where legacy MySQL extension is not available.
- New Themes support is now available
- Fix: captcha image was not rendering
- Fix: Revert ad response from address

Version 5.7.8
- AdBlock fix.
- Error message fixes
- Language Selector
- Send mail using phpMailer
- City name missing in ad title fix
- Facebook friendly
- Real 404 Error added
- Fix:Image missing in events
- Date display fix
- Replace non-english characters in URLs
- Fix: Redundant slashes (/) were appearing in the search box.
- Fix: Retain line breaks in HTML. SimpleHtmlDom was getting rid of line breaks in HTML and this was causing some scripts to fail.
- Fix: Errors during setup and scheduled jobs if the table prefix is not the default 'clf'.
- Fix: Edit page not loading
- PHP 5.3 Compatibility
- Added language translations
- Enabled gzip compression to reduce page size and improve load times.

Version 5.7.7
- Major performance upgrade (optimized data load and faster processing)
- Image display, upload & order issue
- Event searching fix
- Now using a canonical link to resolve potential search engine issues with duplicate content.
- Broken email fix
- Cleanup of expired ads is now automated by the script; no need to manually setup cron jobs.
- Security Patches & Fixes
- Language file fixes & added missing translations
- Remember mail form field
- Added Portuguese language pack.
- Improved handling of HTML content in RSS.

Monday, 08 August 2016

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Change to SubDomain URLs

We wouldn't say only you but most you together had really looked for your classifieds script's URL to change it's look to better shape. Not even this, some had asked for sub-domain according to state, city etc. And now we've listened to it and developed such module which does not require CPU power anymore unlike last time. It is very simple technology that we recently developed that which will let you have your own easily without need to change for lot's of stuffs.

This feature is very much useful and even let's your users remind their city based URLs. This is more like website as they're using the similar URLs for their website, its the same reverse technic done with our classifieds script. Currently this is an optional feature for our classifieds script since not compatible with all types of site as explained in next paragraph so it is available for sale online under our AddOns section.

This also helps your site to index on google easily and helps increase your PR (page rank) of your main domain easily while having holding so many sub-domains.

This modification will not only change the city(regions) URLs, but it will change the whole format of the URL for other pages as well, such as viewing categories, viewing ads etc. The experience becomes different than earlier and much for friendlier than the default addresses. Why don't you check out our demo as given on our demo website located at

We're still on the development process of such URLs at this moment but while we are working on it further, we're able to release a simpler, easier version of it which works pretty well but it has a minimum requirements. Only requirement this modification need is that your classifieds website is running directly under root directory of the domain. Let's say if your website is installed under then "yes", your site is compatible. But if your site is installed under sub-directory for example then most likely you may not be able to use this function. Since it works directly with your domain to use it's sub-domain to send users to the appropriate city so root folder is necessary. Finally but not least, your hosting company must allow wildcard subdomain additional such as * must be added under your sub-domains list by you. Which is allowed by most hosting providers so should not be an issue unless you're on a free hosting which is unlikely too.

Monday, 03 December 2012

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Ads Scrapping Service Available

Who wants to wait for days, weeks, months to get their site popular online? We always want our site to run like it's already popular enough to increase sales/revenue etc.

When you start a new classifieds website then for sure you won't have any ads in it unless you start adding by yourself or you're spending high budget of advertising campaigns. And it's so much of hard working to post ads by our-self cause we know that you don't want your visitors leave your website after their first visit. Eventually if they see your website new with less ads then they will not want to stay or look for anything due to limitations.

At the same time when a user comes to your website and if your site have full of ads then they will more likely search for their wanted stuff and/or they will post their ad as well instead of leaving to other classifieds site. Ultimately your visitor will turn into a returning user and hopefully customer if it's a paid classifieds website.

In order to give such excellent boost to newly started classifieds websites, we had finally decided to provide such service which will not only benefit a start-up classifieds website but rather they will jump at least 10 steps head in the route to their success. Imagine like you're making reasonable investment on a already running classifieds website which is actually a new site in real.

We call this service "Ads Scrapping", many people know it as ads population, data grabbers etc. What happens is that, when you get this service for your classifieds website depending on your package you can get all the recent ads of to your own classifieds website. Which means, if you're starting a classifieds website for France then you can order ads scrapping service for all the recent ads of Paris on craigslist website to certain matching categories of yours. Then our system will grab all the recent ads on all the similar categories matching your site and craigslist site then the ads will be inserted into your database to be accessible as like a regular posted ad from your website.

Your visitors will not find out that whether the ads came from website or other places as they will see that it is posted on your website. And will be able to browse and search ads on your site accordingly.

Q. What our scrapping service does?

A. We select certain categories (of your choice) from your classifieds website and grab data of the matching categories from's RSS feed (where latest ads are published). Once it finds the latest ads on RSS then the script will read the data and will change the format to match to your site's database. Afterwards it will make ready the final format on the fly then it will insert it immediately on your script's database. Once inserted successfully then the ads will be accessible on your website. It also grabs the e-mail addresses of the users, so when a user on your website uses the reply form then it is sent directly to the ad poster.

Many of our users know about this type of service as it was asked/demanded earlier many times by our users but we couldn't made it a official service under SNetworks. But from today onwards it has been announce official and you're able to order it via e-mail. Since it is on BETA so it won't be available to purchase directly from the website.

To know more information about this service and it's cost + packages, please open a ticket from your client area or if you're unregistered/guest then please use contact form. And depending on your requirements you will be given with the quotes.

Monday, 03 December 2012

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