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Monday, 08 August 2016 by SNetworks Assistance

Following are the list of changes that is now available with v5.8.0 after our last stable release of v5.7.6:

Version 5.8.0
- PHP version 5.6 Compatibility
- Various error fixes to run smoothly on newer version of PHP
- Subcategories ad count has been turned off by default now
- Added label attribute for checkboxes
- Terms of use page link has been fixed site-wide
- Added a new contact page
- Setup Wizard error fix
- Fix setup page redirection from main index
- Support links updated

Version 5.7.9
- Mobile site adaptive display now supported
- Garbled search field fix
- Fix: Set a reply-to address for "Email this ad".
- Language selector to let users choose a language.
- Support for the MySQLi extension on servers where legacy MySQL extension is not available.
- New Themes support is now available
- Fix: captcha image was not rendering
- Fix: Revert ad response from address

Version 5.7.8
- AdBlock fix.
- Error message fixes
- Language Selector
- Send mail using phpMailer
- City name missing in ad title fix
- Facebook friendly
- Real 404 Error added
- Fix:Image missing in events
- Date display fix
- Replace non-english characters in URLs
- Fix: Redundant slashes (/) were appearing in the search box.
- Fix: Retain line breaks in HTML. SimpleHtmlDom was getting rid of line breaks in HTML and this was causing some scripts to fail.
- Fix: Errors during setup and scheduled jobs if the table prefix is not the default 'clf'.
- Fix: Edit page not loading
- PHP 5.3 Compatibility
- Added language translations
- Enabled gzip compression to reduce page size and improve load times.

Version 5.7.7
- Major performance upgrade (optimized data load and faster processing)
- Image display, upload & order issue
- Event searching fix
- Now using a canonical link to resolve potential search engine issues with duplicate content.
- Broken email fix
- Cleanup of expired ads is now automated by the script; no need to manually setup cron jobs.
- Security Patches & Fixes
- Language file fixes & added missing translations
- Remember mail form field
- Added Portuguese language pack.
- Improved handling of HTML content in RSS.


  1. If you already own our PRO version then simply go to and get your upgrade.
  2. If you have valid support subscription (if your license purchase was within last six months) then follow the steps below:
    • Login to your account by going to
    • Click on My Products from the left menu
    • Click on your purchased license name
    • Click the button "Request Upgrade" button.
    • Fill in your request and Submit

Our professionals will make the upgraded version available for download which will be notified to you via e-mail.

For assistance, you can contact us here.

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