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Monday, 03 December 2012 by SNetworks Assistance

Who wants to wait for days, weeks, months to get their site popular online? We always want our site to run like it's already popular enough to increase sales/revenue etc.

When you start a new classifieds website then for sure you won't have any ads in it unless you start adding by yourself or you're spending high budget of advertising campaigns. And it's so much of hard working to post ads by our-self cause we know that you don't want your visitors leave your website after their first visit. Eventually if they see your website new with less ads then they will not want to stay or look for anything due to limitations.

At the same time when a user comes to your website and if your site have full of ads then they will more likely search for their wanted stuff and/or they will post their ad as well instead of leaving to other classifieds site. Ultimately your visitor will turn into a returning user and hopefully customer if it's a paid classifieds website.

In order to give such excellent boost to newly started classifieds websites, we had finally decided to provide such service which will not only benefit a start-up classifieds website but rather they will jump at least 10 steps head in the route to their success. Imagine like you're making reasonable investment on a already running classifieds website which is actually a new site in real.

We call this service "Ads Scrapping", many people know it as ads population, data grabbers etc. What happens is that, when you get this service for your classifieds website depending on your package you can get all the recent ads of to your own classifieds website. Which means, if you're starting a classifieds website for France then you can order ads scrapping service for all the recent ads of Paris on craigslist website to certain matching categories of yours. Then our system will grab all the recent ads on all the similar categories matching your site and craigslist site then the ads will be inserted into your database to be accessible as like a regular posted ad from your website.

Your visitors will not find out that whether the ads came from website or other places as they will see that it is posted on your website. And will be able to browse and search ads on your site accordingly.

Q. What our scrapping service does?

A. We select certain categories (of your choice) from your classifieds website and grab data of the matching categories from's RSS feed (where latest ads are published). Once it finds the latest ads on RSS then the script will read the data and will change the format to match to your site's database. Afterwards it will make ready the final format on the fly then it will insert it immediately on your script's database. Once inserted successfully then the ads will be accessible on your website. It also grabs the e-mail addresses of the users, so when a user on your website uses the reply form then it is sent directly to the ad poster.

Many of our users know about this type of service as it was asked/demanded earlier many times by our users but we couldn't made it a official service under SNetworks. But from today onwards it has been announce official and you're able to order it via e-mail. Since it is on BETA so it won't be available to purchase directly from the website.

To know more information about this service and it's cost + packages, please open a ticket from your client area or if you're unregistered/guest then please use contact form. And depending on your requirements you will be given with the quotes.

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