User registration/signup feature in classifieds script?

Sunday, 24 March 2013 | Views: 1484

Our script by default was built in the mind for making users to post ad easier without any hassles for any account registration by just only verifying the ads via e-mail link. However, with the demand from different clients, our team has developed an extra paid addon which will have the function for users registration and management system.

This addon module is named as "Membership System Module" under our addons section. This is applicable with our PRO license only (after the latest release update of this addon) and is one of our popular addon that is bought by many of our clients. the addon has the capability to set if you want your site users to forcefully register before posting an ad/event or keeping it as optional for them. At the same time you can optionally moderate each and every user's registered account manually (making active or inactive) or set to auto approve via their email verification, either way. This addon helps you to keep track of your registered users via your classifieds script's admin panel. While from user's point of view, it helps them post ads or events in your classifieds website easily as they no longer require to verify every ads via e-mail as they already do that when registering an account, able to manage all their ads under their one account (in 'my account' - page), ability to edit or promote or to delete the ad(s) or event(s) from their 'my account' page directly.

This is a must have extra feature for clients who wants users to be registered in their website. This registration feature is not available by default with the original script and there's no plan for making it as a default feature in our classifieds script. Because as mentioned in the beginning that script was developed to make it simple and easier for users experience in posting ads/events in the classifieds site running SNetworks PHP Classifieds.

Now, if you're interested in buying SNetworks PHP Classifieds, then to have the feature for user registration, you need to buy the Membership System Addon along with your license. It is not compulsory for you to buy with the script anyway, but this addon can be bought anytime later also. It is available to purchase under Addons Modules section in "Order Page" and can be installed in any existing installed classifieds script.

For further inquiries regarding the addon feature, feel free to send us your inquiries.

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