How to get fix/solution from support team?

Saturday, 13 April 2013 | Views: 7448

There are times, when there might be problem with your classifieds script and such solution might not be available without providing access to your site server files to our support team member. In such instance, to avoid any delay and/or to make it faster, you can just login to your client area from our support portal page. Following is the direct link for logging in using your registered e-mail address and password:

Login URL:

Once logged in, then click "Support" from the right hand side navigation panel. Then click "Submit new ticket" button to open the ticket opening form. Once it is opened, then you can provide all the detailed message including your hosting server credential (if you think it is necessary) then submit the ticket. Only then you shall receive support solution from our team member. And thus any information exchanged via your client area is entirely secured and only accessible to you and the team member whoever is responding to your ticket.

You should expect a reply within 24-48 hours period maximum and if no response found then you may want to reply back the ticket again after the time period has passed and to increase the ticket priority (the ticket priority will only rise if bumped/replied after the 48 hours period from the time of ticket opening).

**NOTE: Asking for any support solution via inquiry ticket, will not help you get any solution. As our support team members do not monitor or reply to inquiries, as that section is only for sales team members. Therefore, the support solution is easily available only via logging in to your client area and opening support tickets.

If you have confusion in understanding on reaching our support department, it is advised to send direct email or use contact form on our website at (which will open a new inquiry ticket automatically).

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